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Located on the edge of the former Great Black Swamp, Clyde, Ohio is named after Clyde, New York which was named after the River Clyde in Scotland.


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The first settler in Clyde was Jesse Benton.  In 1820 he built a cabin near a spring on what is now Spring Avenue.  After a child drowned in the spring sometime around 1900, it was filled in, but evidence of it can still be seen.  In 1820 this area was on the edge of the Great Black Swamp and Clyde was a towering forest.  After a few months here Jesse sold his 80 acres to Samuel Pogue for a barrel of Whiskey which he traveled to Portland (Sandusky) to buy.  Pogue lived in the Benton cabin with his family until he died in 1828 at the age of 44.

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Movies filmed in Clyde and the Clyde Area
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael (1990) - Clyde, Castalia, Sandusky
Home in Indiana (1944) - Sandusky County Fairgrounds, Fremont
Tommy Boy (1995) - Marblehead, Sandusky

The Grand Army of the Republic Highway and The Longest Road in the United States

Clyde Kraut Company

Looking North down Main Street just South of Forest.  The building on the right hand side is the old Post Office. 1900-1911

Another view down Main Street looking North.  This view is from the intersection of Forest and Main. 1900-1911

Winesburg, Ohio

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Winesburg, Ohio

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Lakeshore Depot

Looking South from the East side down Main Street across from Railroad Street.  Railroad tracks would be just behind the photographer.  1900-1911

Another view South down Main Street.  Again just in front of the Railroad tracks.  The large building on the left is now gone and a gas station occupies the corner.  Amanda street is to the right at the tree.  1900-1911

Clyde was once nicknamed "Little Chicago" and reportedly was once a Chicago mobster hangout.  Rumor has it that Al Capone often sought refuge here.  In fact, there have been many bars and night clubs in the Clyde area:  The Honky Tonk Tavern (demolished), The Question Mark (now Baker Bonnigson Auctioneers), The Clyde Piper (now The Computer Medic), The Arrow Cafe', The Clyde Bar (now the Town Tavern).

Clyde also had many railroads running thru downtown.  The tracks to Tiffin used to run down Maple Street and beside the Methodist Church.  Another set of tracks ran to Sandusky.  They extended out from the tracks at the grain elevator on Burkholder Road.  At present the North Coast Inland Trail follows one of the rail beds that went from Bellevue to Fremont.


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