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For those of you who have visited my site over 5000 times in the past year, here are some real life Sherwood Anderson pictures to enhance your reading of the stories set in Clyde.  Those stories being "Windy McPherson's Son" (1916), "Winesburg, Ohio" (1919) and "Poor White" (1921).

  The Presbyterian Church, 133 West Forest, was built in 1869, the tower was added in 1891 and remodeled in 1960.
From the book "Winesburg, Ohio":

    "Three times during the early fall and winter of that year Curtis Hartman crept out of his house to the room in the bell tower to sit in the darkness looking at the figure of Kate Swift lying in her bed and later went to walk and pray in the streets.  He could not understand himself.  For weeks he would go along scarcely thinking of the school teacher and telling himself that he had conquered the carnal desire to look at her body."

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  Waterworks Pond, now Community Park, was the setting for many scenes in the book.  Here is one of them:

    "George and Helen arose and walked away into the darkness.  They went along a path past a field of corn that had not yet been cut.  The wind whispered among the dry corn blades.  For a moment during the walk back into town the spell that held them was broken.  When they had come to the crest of Waterworks Hill they stopped by a tree and George
    again put his hands on the girl's shoulders.  She embraced him eagerly and then again they drew quickly back from that impulse.  They stopped kissing and stood a little apart.  Mutual respect grew big in them.  They were both embarrassed and to relieve their embarrassment dropped into the animalism of youth.  They laughed and began to pull and haul at each other.  In some way chastened and purified by the mood they had been in, they became, not man and woman, not boy and girl, but excited little animals."
     (wwpond.gif - 49k)
  Sherwood Anderson's Residence, 1888-1895, 129 Spring Avenue in Clyde, now a private residence.  The house sits near the old spring where the first Clyde resident lived.  The spring was filled in years ago after a child drowned in it.
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  Sherwood Anderson's Residence, 1887, 214 Race Street in Clyde, also a private home.  The house sits above Waterworks Pond near where I consider Gospel Hill. (andres2.gif - 41k)

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